Get Colour Smart Workshops

Understanding the critical value of colour management is an essential challenge for ensuring professional high-quality prints. Chromalink’s Colour Smart Workshops provide the information and training to master the concepts and complexities of colour management. The day-long programme is intended for photographers, designers, wideformat printers or pre-press professionals who want to control colour, achieving accurate and predictable results across a colour critical workflow.

Structured to provide a relaxed learning environment, the workshops offer up-to-date tutorials and important takeaway skills on a full range of issues related to colour management from image capture through to final output The core of the workshops is an informative discussion on how to ensure that your prints match your vision of colour. Get detailed answers and helpful tips for creating and using ICC profiles, optimizing images in Photoshop and colour converting from RGB to CMYK as well as how to optimize black and white images for print.

Each workshop is limited to only 20 people allowing all participants a hands-on experience and the time to ask questions and figure out solutions for their specific problems. Friendly and informative, Chromalink’s Colour Smart Workshops takes your mastery of colour to the next level.