Digital Workflow Consultation

Implementing or improving a digital colour workflow in a multi-platform environment – with each device subject to different technical and ambient conditions – can be confusing. Chromalink breaks down the process of ensuring colour accuracy and predictability across the digital workflow into understandable and achievable steps. We look at all aspects of your workflow set-up and advise on practical measuresthat can be taken in your work environment to achieve the most optimum results and accomplish your goals.

The best way to look at a workflow is to consider each step individually to ensure that it is optimised to achieve the highest quality representation of colour. Chromalink takes the time to inform all employees and stakeholders in each area on the complete process of colour management as well as a deeper understanding of their specific area. Chromalink cuts through the confusing jargon and provides clear, coherent and achievable colour management solutions.

Chromalink also provides on-site training seminars – whether one to one or group sessions – in general colour management principles including the use of custom ICC profiles and personalised instruction on the latest software for achieving the most accurate representation of colour.

For more involved and detailed information about colour management, Chromalink offers a day-long workshop that provides important lessons on how you can make the most of the colour management process. Informative and engaging, the workshops break down all of the steps and skills for making colour accurate, predictable and consistent. Intended for anyone who is confused by any part of colour management, Chromalink’s Colour Smart Workshops will make you smarter about colour.