ICC Camera Profiling for Photographers

Since digital cameras can now capture a wider range of colours than your eye can see, your monitor can display and your printer can print, a custom ICC camera profile is necessary to ensure that colours are properly measured and transferred along the digital colour workflow.

Multiple profiles for variable light types

It is recommended that professional photographers have a custom camera profile for each of the basic light types typically encountered –whether studio lights, on-camera flash, tungsten, daylight and shade as well as mixed and variable light sources.  Using the most advanced profiling software and an SG chart, Chromalink provides 5 – 10 profiles per work session which allows for colour to be accurately optimised and precisely calibrated depending on the unique features of the camera and the shooting environment.

Professional photographers realize the potential

Custom camera profiles allow professional photographers to realize the full colour potential of their digital cameras so they can work more efficiently and with greater colour confidence.