Ampco Grafix Colour Smart Testimonial

Ampco Grafix


“Thank you for coming on such short notice and thank you for quickly resolving our colour issue through the identification of an specific problem. Your rapid troubleshooting resolution saved us time and helped in maintain the high standards of customer satisfaction that we strive for here at Ampco”

James Dittiger Colour Smart Testimonial

James Dittiger


“All photographers should ensure their monitors are calibrated correctly. Chromalink’s service and understanding of colour management has ensured my photo’s are at their best”

Joe Borrelli Colour Smart Testimonial

Joe Borrelli


“The print came out perfect in every aspect: colours, contrast, sharpness. ICC profiling rocks! The problem is finally solved, thanks to you.”

Kent Kallberg Colour Smart Testimonial

Kent Kalberg


“Many photographers spend a lot of time chasing colour, losing time and money along the way. With Chromalink’s colour management services, we get the project done right the first time, and it is easily repeated down the road.”


MAGNUM Creative


“Our digital creative requires professional calibration. Chromalink help MAGNUM calibrate for both web and print across Windows and Mac environments removing the guess work and ensuring creative colour was seamless.”

The Lab Colour Smart Testimonial

The Lab


“In past, we’ve spent more money on wasted material trying to get our client’s colours right than we have on your services. Now our recycling bin is almost empty, because we are getting it right the first time. That means cost savings, better quality, and most importantly our clients are happy.”

Our Colour Smart Clients (partial list)


  • Chris Haylett
  • Chester Goosen
  • Dave Roels
  • David Cooper
  • David Fierro
  • Dean Sanderson
  • Dexter Quinto
  • Don MacGregor
  • Ed White
  • Eike Schroter
  • Hans Sipma
  • Greg Maurer
  • James Dittiger
  • Jay Dear
  • Joe Borrelli
  • Kharen Hill
  • Ken Mayer
  • Kent Kallberg
  • Kevin Clark
  • Linda MacKie
  • Marina Dodis
  • Overwaitea Food Group
  • Ray Lum
  • Victor John Penner
  • Robert Stefanowicz


    • Big House Communications
    • Emmanuel Buenviaje
    • CanPages
    • Fleming Design
    • HALE! Marketing
    • Italix Design
    • Karyo Edelman
    • Kevin Loius Design
    • LetterBox Design
    • MAGNUM Creative
    • Mercer Advertising Agency
    • Mountain Equipment Co-op
    • Optique Communications
    • Porcaro Communications
    • Redrocket Creative Strategies
    • Rethink Communications Inc.
    • Red Rocket
    • Sequel Naturals
    • Signals Design
    • Step Up Communications
    • Subplot Design
    • Twin Fish Design

      Print Production

      • Ampco Grafix
      • Bopomo Pictures
      • Cloudburst Designs
      • Geist Magazine
      • Canada Wide Magazines
      • Hambleton Fine Art Services
      • Opus Framing
      • Metropolitan Fine Printers
      • Pacific Newspaper Group
      • Prismtech Graphics
      • Quebecor World / Worldcolor
      • Raincoast Books
      • The Lab
      • Metro Printers
      • Quad Graphics
      • Tricera / EPSON


        • Jeff Wall
        • John Breukelman
        • Brian Howell
        • Emmanuel Buenviaje
        • Danny Singer
        • Michael Levin
        • Don Li-leger
        • Scott McFarland
        • Stan Douglas
        • Sabina Hill
        • Mia Weinberg
        • Torrie Groening
        • Courtney Simms
        • Jennifer Kostuik Gallery
        • Eastwood Gallery
        • VAG


          • James Cheng
          • Halker
          • NSDA Architects