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Moving from raw image files to print is often a confusing journey through the swamp of information about digital colour workflows. When all you want is for consistent colour from camera to monitor to print, you’re faced with complicated explanations about colour gamuts, colour profiles and colour management. Simple questions about tuning colours or tonality in Photoshop never stay simple for long. And the answers found on-line only lead to further questions. So after wasting time, money and patience, you’re left guessing at how you can control colour. And most people guess wrong. They manage to print every shade of blue but the one they see on their screen. Matching those colours – not just getting close, matching – seems impossible.

Until now.

Chromalink’s all-day Colour Smart Workshop is an immersive and eye-opening course helping you to control colour from capture to print. We talk digital colour in language that you can understand. Teach you the tips and insider tricks for optimizing your digital workflow in an entertaining way. And train you to solve problems using Photoshop techniques and colour management solutions suited to your specific challenges. Not a boring seminar nor a tech master class, the workshop is designed to provide practical advice for both basic and complicated questions about controlling colour from raw to print. In one day you will learn how to post-process and render your own prints to match your creative vision. And make your colours more accurate.


Chromalink’s Colour Smart Workshops are hosted by the Vancouver Film School (VFS) in an intimate digital classroom. Each of the 20 participants will be supplied their own individual computer work station. The workshop is built to be ‘hands-on’ with plenty of time available for personally practicing each of the key steps.

The morning session is dedicated to an informative discussion on all the need-to-know information related to Photoshop and colour management. Previous attendees have described this section as “the best crash course for learning how to print better prints”while another happily said “I finally know how to control colour without pulling my hair out”. Painless solutions are our goal. We break down concepts into clear language and inspire you with ways to achieve better results.

The afternoon session is a revelation. For almost 4 hours we practice, practice, practice all of the key tips and insider tricks using digital images supplied by workshop participants. This interactive group session is always a favourite providing everyone with a unique chance to improve their skills using their own images.

“It was exciting to see how my own photograph went from a rough raw file to a clean final print – the whole image ended up sharper and better represented my original intent. The difference was really a wow moment.” - Kirstin R.

Our interest is not to critique images for composition but to clearly explain what to look for when assessing your raw image files and how to improve step-by-step what you see. We call this our “Practice, Perfect and Print” session where you learn to achieve better results in real time. For many of the pre-submitted images, we are able to make all of the useful changes in advance and provide a clean final print using the latest technology Epson printer. Learn what to do as you do it. And then see the difference.


We encourage all attendees to submit up to 2 images for our “Practice, Perfect and Print” group tutorial. If you’re struggling with the appearance or printing of a particular image, here’s your chance to learn what exactly needs to be done. Please note that all images must be submitted as early as possible in order for us to do advance work in prepping the final image. Due to time constraints, not all images will be used in the session nor necessarily rendered as a final print. We try to cover as much ground as possible.

Bring every question you’ve ever had about how to get a more accurate image and perfect print.


Chromalink’s Colour Smart Workshops are the joint effort of two guys obsessed with colour.

Robert Stefanowicz is a reknowned architectural photographer who knows precisely the shade of blue he wants to see in the sky backdropping a building. A Photoshop expert since the app’s earliest days, he knows how to make the system work for his vision. Robert will guide the class through an informative discussion on the photo editing workflow and share the Photoshop skills that have made his career a success.

Haris Hasimbegovic has spent his whole career covered in ink. Starting as a silkscreen artist, he built his specialised knowledge of how colour gets printed into an independent colour management business. Certified by XRite, Haris is a hero to many in the colour community – from photographers to printing houses,

artists to academic institutions. He has saved the day many times for clients unable to print their colours accurately.


  • Vancouver Film School
  • October 18 (Thursday), 2012
  • From 10AM to 5PM
  • $275 plus HST

Payable by any major credit card. Payments by credit cards are processed by Paypal. Please Note:  YOU DO NOT NEED PAYPAL ACCOUNT to register and pay for the workshop.