How To Master the Medium of Digital Fine Art Prints

Considering the growth rate in the fine art digital printing field, the world is experiencing a personal creative renaissance these days. One recent study reported a compound annual growth rate of 20% for large-format digital printing and the rest of … Continue reading

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How To Increase Your Chances For Success With Colour Proofing

Colour Proofing – whether soft-proofing on a monitor or in-house hard-proofing to printed material – can be a high-stakes headache. Achieving colour accuracy and colour consistency is critical to the success of any design project. The expectations game played by … Continue reading

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How To Get Colour To Speak The Same Language

Consistent colour is essential to a company such as ROLLOUT, a leader in the growing field of custom wallpaper and wallcoverings. From their offices in Toronto and Vancouver, they use a team of in-house and freelance illustrators, photographers and artists to create unique branded experiences and dynamic immersive spaces. Learn how Rollout Custom Wallpapers used colour management to create consistent colour no matter the platform or where they were in the workflow. Continue reading

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The Black and White Truth of Colour Management

The trouble with understanding colour management is that it’s an imprecise term that helps achieve a very precise result. Colour management is a cross-platform process that allows the appearance of colour to be consistently controlled and registered so that the colours that you see on your screen and through your workflow are the same colours that you get in the final print. Note for note. But colour management is about more than management – it’s about having confidence and being more efficient through the creative process. Creativity flows more smoothly if you don’t have to constantly double- back and make adjustments for the imperfections of colour. That makes a big difference. Continue reading

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Landsdown Centre Technology Fair 2011

Come visit Chromalink at the Landsdown Centre Technology Fair. Chromalink will be sharing helpful information for those wishing to learn how to get the best colour accuracy from their printers and other digital devices. Photographers, graphic designers and creative professionals … Continue reading

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HSBC Red: How To Bank On The Perfect Colour

At Chromalink, we know how much colour matters to our clients. The right colour can make the difference between a job well done and a job completely un-done. In the case of the colour that could be called HSBC Red, there was a hard lesson to be learned by one company that forgot the value of its history. Continue reading

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Custom ICC profiles

Custom ICC profiling is the process of creating a ICC profile for your specific printer, inks and paper that produces the most optimum results when printing to that combination. Printer ICC profiling helps you achieve predictability, consistency and maximum tonal correction … Continue reading

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Brian Howell’s Bottlecap Blues

Brian Howell is a commercial photographer who has made a smart jump into the fine art world. His first series that gained a critical following featured wrestlers – shot in smudged blacks and cool greys – with their cheap costumes and carnival styling. A later series focused on celebrity impersonators who turn a party trick into something more compelling and weird and modern. Continue reading

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