“If you can’t see the imperfections in colour, someone else will” – Haris Hasimbegovic, Colour Management Specialist

Haris Hasimbegovic founder of Chromalink has been providing colour management advice, training and lectures for over 10 years. Working with acclaimed artists, industry leaders and anyone who can’t figure out how to get their prints to match their monitor, Haris has earned a trusted reputation for his command of colour management. Through a long career in the graphic arts including graphic design, pre-press and printing, Haris spent more than 20 years cursing colour inconsistencies before he decided to cure them.

Your Colour Management Consultant

As a recognised Colour Management Consultant – certified by X-Rite, Apple and Xerox – Haris has fine-tuned his respect for the challenge and complexity of colour. Accessible and friendly, Haris makes colour management understandable and attainable for everyone.